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I am a software engineer/programmer/coder working on web applications, data munging, daemons and other various things (applications, services, products). Over the years, I've thrived in environments where I adapted to write solutions in different technologies and on diverse platforms. I spend most of my days working in Perl, PHP, JavaScript (with jQuery) and HTML/CSS along with C, Java, and VBA (A while back I did lots of Excel to web integration). In the Perl web dev world, I'm using Dancer with the front end display in either Template Toolkit or JSON. I've worked closely with Apache in the past but now its mainly nginx. I often pull data out or store data into either MySQL or Sybase databases. 

I enjoy working with business folks (marketing. product managers, sales) to see an application/service become useful and helpful to its users (and my business' customers) and that they can produce a profit. I find that often those folks are my greatest allies since in the end we both want to produce great applications and satisfied customers.

Quick Update

YAPC::NA 2013 was great. I learned a bunch about various new things (like statsd, Devel::SizeMe) and met a tons of great people. I'd love to get some time to blog about it but not sure I have the TUITs. Our team have launched a new service: Spark Pay. My team has been converting more to client side using backbone and working to continue to move quickly and develop some great new features and work on scaling. 

3Ring has made it to semi finals of the MN Cup. The team is working hard on getting business plan together. We had a school pilot in May that went great, the alpha of the binder system has been up and running using Perl (Dancer), MongoDB and Bootstrap.

Last Update: June 06 2013

Quick Hits About Me

  • I play well with others and thrive in small teams. Also, I like to work alone.
  • I like to be in control of my day and schedule. I like to work on tasks not a schedule but I am highly adaptable.
  • I prefer to save an application/library/code before throwing it out to start over. In the end, saving is almost always better for the business than starting over.
  • I like to find existing libraries/code/apis and integrate together to solve problems. Instead of a writing everything from scratch. 
  • I like iterations with close customer feedback.
  • Unit and automated end to end tests bring me joy.
  • I do best when I can learn new things (things is often hard to define :)
  • Sunlight is good as long as I have sunscreen on.

You can find out more about my experiences and background in my Resume, LinkedIn, GitHub or by contacting me.